Acupuncture healing

Rejuvenate your appearance naturally! Diminish wrinkles, regenerate skin cells and give your collagen a boost with facial lymphatic drainage and acupuncture.

The initial treatment lasts about 90 minutes, follow-ups are 75 minutes. The treatment and begins with gentle facial cupping to distribute blood and nutrients throughout the face.  This process begins to plump up tired areas and aids in preparing the face for the acupuncture treatment. Tiny facial needles are then used to focus repair into the weakened lines of the face and neck while normal body acupuncture focuses on the underlying imbalances that have contributed to visible signs of aging.  You would then rest with the treatment for about 20 minutes and finish with a warm essential oil facial compress and foot massage.

You will leave feeling amazing and your skin will be glowing! In addition to each treatment, it is highly recommended that you receive at 1-2 facials during the course of treatment.Some individuals notice visible improvements after 1-3 treatments, however lasting results tend to come after a 10-12  treatment course. The entire process can take years off and hold from 2-5 years with regular maintenance!