Neck and Back Pain

Osteopath manual practitioners can relieve neck and back pain like sciatica, Rib pain, torticollis, headaches and migraines.
They perform high velocity techniques but also use a lot of soft and painless functional techniques. They can work deeply on the muscles and tendons when required.

Joint pain
Shoulder pain and mobility restriction; Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hip pain and mobility restriction; Knee problems; Ankle or foot pain.

Visceral Treatments
Their approach does not only concentrate on the spine and the structural aspects of the body but integrates the organs. Which is why they can help with digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, acid reflux and heartburn) or urinary and gynecological issues.

Head related Problems
Using cranial techniques, osteopaths treat various conditions that are often not addressed by other therapies.
Jaw pain and Tempo-mandibular disorders
Ear, nose and throat problems like chronic ear infections, recurrent sore throats, frequent colds, glaucoma, sinusitis or tinnitus.

Pregnant Women
A pregnant woman sees her body undergo multiple transformations: the digestive organs are pushed up with the increased volume of the uterus, the bladder is compressed, and the pelvis changes significantly, there is an increase supply of blood and lymph and many hormonal changes. Therefore women often experience lower and upper back pain, heartburn, rib pain and breathing issues, edema and swelling. The osteopathic treatment helps the body making the necessary adjustments.
And remember that relaxed muscles and a free pelvis will be the basis for an easy delivery.

New Born Babies
We also treat babies. Colic/crying, constipation, spitting up, latching/ nursing difficulty, birth trauma, otitis media, torticollis and plagiocephaly are some of the conditions for which we can make a difference.